• Bible Reading Challenge

    “I believe the Bible is the best Gift God has ever given to man, All the good of the Savior of the world is communicated to us through the Book.” – Abraham Lincoln

  • The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

    Weekly Bible studies during the week. Delve into the unsearchable riches of christ!

  • Solid Ground Ministry Series Spring 2018

    Become solidly grounded in the Word of God and in the Christian faith through enlightening and encouraging word from Exodus.
    Thursday with dinner at 6:30, Campus House 704 W Lindsey St.

  • College Conference Fall 2016

    October 21st – 23rd Latham Springs Camp, TX
    Get away from the world, dive into the Bible, praise the name of Jesus, and be built together in the Lord.

  • Free Study Bible

    Bibles for America is a non-profit organization that distributes free copies of the Recovery Version Bible as well as free Christian books throughout the United States. Truths that have been recovered steadily and progressively since Martin Luther’s time are brought together in this unique version of the New Testament.

The High Road to Marriage

The following meassage was given at the Solid Ground meeting on March...

22nd Mar

Summer Internship 2018

18th Feb

Bible Reading Schedule

“When you have read the Bible, you will know it is the...

11th Jan

Fayetteville, AR Outing 1/10 ~ 1/12/14

17th Jan

Freshmen Connect 2013 Afterglow

Students shared their experience and enjoyment from Freshmen Connect 2013. Thank you...

27th Aug

Introduction of Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley

Watch this awesome video clip about what Christians on Campus does.

02nd Jun

Bibles for America

Bibles for America A non-profit organization that distributes free copies of the Recovery Version Bible as well...

16th Jan

Testimony from Chanti Shirkey

Growing up as a child, I was always raised in a Christian...

17th Jul

Testimony from Julia Brown

Hi! My name is Julia Brown, and I am a senior at...

17th Jul

The Mystery of Human Life

This video explains the meaning of your human life.

10th Jul