Testimony from Chanti Shirkey

On July 17, 2012

Growing up as a child, I was always raised in a Christian environment. My mom is a person who will do anything to find the Lord, and I admire that. However, going to a bunch of churches to find the Lord quickly got old. My heart got hardened due to religion.

Eventually we met a young lady who led us to Christians on Campus! It was marvelous! I was and still am very impressed by how genuine Christians on Campus is. No more religion! Just Christ! Although I was meeting with Christians on Campus, I only knew the Lord on a corporate and family level. I often wondered, “Is the Lord mine?”

In 2011, I won the title of Miss Teen Oklahoma International and faced some very hard times. I became consumed with things other than Christ. At first everything seemed glamorous, and it is, in the world image. I eventually realized that I could not live two lives. It was Christ or the world. I told the Lord that if He wanted me to do what I knew I should, then He would have to do it. He did! One week before I was going to compete for Miss Teen International, I forfeited my title. I was so at peace! It was wonderful! This was my decision. I chose Christ for myself!

“Nothing is quite so precious as Jesus in my spirit!” Jesus is mine, and Jesus can be yours! Just call on His wonderful name! (Romans 10:13) I have now experienced this lovely person for myself and cannot turn away! I LOVE THE LORD JESUS!!


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